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The following section is intended to cover any initial questions you may have regarding our applications. Please see other sections of this website for more information.


Our applications are software plugins for use exclusvely with the Motorsports Simulation

Our aplications extend the information provided by the simulation to better your real time awareness and make race changing descisions about your racing.


Free To Use - Our applications and simulation plugins are available for everyone to use with all its features enabled for personal use and evaluation.


Our applications are built with standard industry programming languages and require a users computer to have runtime support for these. typically, most users will already have them installed.


Unlees otherwise noted, Our applications require a running instance/session of the Motorsports Simulation on your (Microsoft Windows) computer to interact with and able to connect to the internet.

Getting started with our applications is easy and requires no technical or computer specific skills.

Download it, Run it. Know you're going to make it. :)

Or for those who prefer instructions;

1. Download our applications from the 'GET' link above.

2. Save the .ZIP archive to a easy to get to place on your computer.

3. Locate and Right Click, Extract Files.


1. Run the (RaceToy 'Launcher') application, and/or Toney before or during your iRacing,com Simulation session is running on your computer.

The Race Toy launcher will keep RaceToy up to date as updates to the plugin are released.

You will hear some voice/audio feedback from the application that it is loaded and running once it see's an active Simulation session on your computer.

2. Enter a driving session, Practice, Qual, Testing, Race. You will hear audio feedback from the application that it is active and managing your car's on track telemetry data.

3. You can leave the aplication running at any time, can exit at any time. Be mindful, it will only be managing your car's data once it is running in conjuction the sim

Windows 10 Smart Screen Notes
It has been sometimes seen where some users get warnings from Windows 10 Smart Screen and Defender antivirus warnings with either the download or the first time use of the plugin/s.

Being an executable program on the internet, its valid for these warnings to be seen sometimes for such things. See this Download Help for a bit of a walk through on how to let it complete and should after that no longer nag the user.

For more information about how and what each application does, see the plugins section.

Usage Note

The applictions themselves do not require you to login directly to them for them to function. They just need to run when and or while the sim has a running session that you have joined.

Data projection

Without publishing our own Thesis (although, we probably can and should) on the sheer volume of research we've poured into the development and design of our applications core functions and features, we would like to touch on the concepts, theories, and practical design we've put into our applications to make sure you're going to make it.

Data modelling

In the context of motorsports, in relation to competitive outcomes through real-time evaluation of evolving data, simulation and modelling, we've designed our approach from numerous sources, race proven strategy examples and other proven theories, including but most certainly not limited to;

  • Interactive data, dependencies and fluidity
  • Real time statistical analysis, projection and change forecasting
  • Historical data analytics
  • Near field, multi system data matrixes and interconnected impact
  • Moral Relativity, Human interpretation and decision making influences in relation to dynamically favourable outcomes
  • Object Relativity, Mathematical extrapolation, extrusion, correlation and convergence

Confused yet?

For a user friendly overview of the theory basics, comprehensively extended as exercised in our applications, see;


Our applications use only functions and information provided by the simulation and only in ways they are intended to be used.

Every care has been taken in the development and design of our applications to keep within the bounds of sportsmanship and strictly aheading to the Sporting Code and Terms and Conditions of the service.

We have sought clear and explict written permission for our applications with the senior staff at and have written approval for the use of our applications and the design and intent to which they are provided for use and that our applications do not in any way breach the iRacing,com conditions of use and is in the best interest of open fair play and good sportsmanship.

updates and ongoing development

While we are continually developing our platform, plugins and applications we need to remind users that from time to time the simulation updates the data (Telemetry) that is presented to our plugins and depending on any changes to this provided data how that may or may not affect our plugins and how they behave.

Every effort is made to ensure prompt and reliable corrections of the provided data (Telemetry) and the calculations they depend on. We appreciate your understanding and patience when this occurs, and your constructive feedback and observations are always welcome.

If you've spotted something that’s not functioning as expected or would like to provide feedback please drop by and let us know about it do we can ensure we can work to resolve it, by getting involved

If you have any quieries not covered in this section, or other sections of this website, please contact us.