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Know you're going to make it.

Division 3 - Digital development and simulation technology, plugins and tools for iRacing

At Division 3, we've spent years at every level of motorsport simulation, decades of club, national and global competition, and when we aren't racing, we're developing and fine tuning a few things to empower our sim racing to ever higher levels.

With in-house developed, tried and tested software simulation plugin applications for use exclusively with the iRacing.com Motorsports Simulation for both Oval and Road Racing drivers and teams.

We are exploring machine learning techniques to dynamically predict with accuracy competitive (on the track) outcomes though adaptive data analysis, change forecasting and pattern projection. With data captured and monitored in real-time, reflective historical data together to the recognition of patterns and to make predictions on new data.

With that in mind, we've designed our simulation plugin applications from the ground up to cater for both VR and non-VR drivers with various features and functions, such as seamlessly monitoring and managing driver fuel loads, tire and pit strategy.

join us on our journey in exploring the potential of constantly changing predictive* data, minimise your time on pit road, maximise your time on the track, and know you're going to make it!

To make the most of what we are doing, you're going to need to have an active membership with iRacing.com, and be part of some of the best online sim racing seen in the history of the sport.

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