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Some say, that not everything in life is free, and that if you spin your head around fast enough, you can see the back of your own head.

Well, while you’re thinking about that, please consider our free-for-everyone little toy that does one simple task, to provide an audio tone to your ear when it’s time to upshift gears. That’s all it does, and it does it well.

Taken from the world of Formula One, where drivers have an audible cue to change gears, we see no reason why you shouldn't have that too.

Toney is just a simple as simple gets background plugin. All we hope is that you find it useful and you pass the word around :-)

in its initial build, it’s using some smart defaults, auto detecting standard shift points from the telemetry, but we do have plans down the road at some point to revisit Toney and to add per car, per gear tuning, so keep an eye out for that. if you're keen to see this let us know, and we'll bump it up the to-do list.

GET | Version 1.1.1 (Release Candidate 4) | Latest build: September 28, 2019

development notes
  • June 2017: Pilot completed. Release 1.0.8
  • May 2017: Intial Build and pilot testing.