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Simulation software plugin

Race Toy represents one of the key components of our dynamic data engine to monitor your racing telemetry data in real-time to predict (with accuracy) and action changes as needed to your strategy for favourable competitive (on the track) outcomes.

RaceToy is an ongoing development into research about exploring adaptive data analytics and machine learning techniques to dynamically predict with accuracy my (and your) competitive on the track outcomes though adaptive data analysis, change forecasting and pattern projection.

Through managing reflective comparative data, on the fly pattern recognition and projection to make race changing real time decisions and influence how your race plays out.

Designed from the ground up to cater for both VR and non-VR drivers Race Toy seamlessly monitoring and managing driver fuel loads, tire and pit strategy for both sprint and endurance races, no more thinking about your fuel or fumbling with controls, leaving you to just drive flat out.

In development since 2010, with ongoing fine tuning, hundreds of hours of in-race testing with both team and individual driver events have proven Race Toy's algorithm accuracy and reliability to manage fuel loads, deliver accurate fuel levels and make the right call on tires to maximise your time on the track, and minimise time lost on pit road.

  • VR / Non-VR Ready
  • Realtime Data
  • Pit Automation
  • More time on track
  • Less time in pits
  • Strategic Confidence

Features include
* Real time fuel and tire usage monitoring and projections * VR Enabled fuel and tire management and information * Fuel and tire stop automation: accurate automatically preconfigured settings * Pit Box guides: counting you down to your pit stall * Intuitive On-Demand communication about live fuel and tire data * Out-of-car (As well as In-garage) fuel and tire calculations * Practice session fuel and tire usage data and projections * In cockpit on track weather reporting

With Fuel Toy running with you, you'll spend more time on the track, less time in the pits, it's got your back so you know you've got your fuel numbers handled.

Available as a free-to-use plugin.

Developed with permission and exclusively for use with the Motorsports Simulation. With Race Toy, know you're going to make it.

Division3 - RDIenabled
Race Toy works along side our other applications and services sharing and leaveraging additional and supplimental data resources via our 'Race Data Interlink' (RDI) system.

"Perfect fuel strategy, two pit stop race. Finished with 0.5 laps of fuel over the finish line."

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GET | Version 3.030 (Development Release) | Latest build: November 15, 2020

development notes
  • This application is in ongoing and continual development.
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