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Division3 - Race Toy

RaceToy is an ongoing development into research about exploring adaptive data analytics and machine learning techniques to dynamically predict with accuracy my (and your) competitive on the track outcomes though adaptive data analysis, change forecasting and pattern projection.

Designed from the ground up to cater for both VR and non-VR drivers Fuel Toy seamlessly monitoring and managing driver fuel loads, tires and pit strategy for both sprint and endurance races, no more thinking about your fuel or fumbling with controls, leaving you to just drive flat out.

5 years in development and fine tuning, hundreds of hours of in-race testing with both team and individual driver events have proven Race Toy's accuracy and reliability to manage fuel loads and deliver accurate fuel levels to maximise your time on the track, and minimise time lost on pit road.

With Race Toy running with you, you'll spend more time on the track, less time in the pits, it's got your back, so you know you've got your fuel numbers and tire strategy handled. Available as a free-to-use plugin.

Developed with permission and exclusively for use with the Motorsports Simulation.
With Race Toy, know you're going to make it.

Feature and functions

* Real time fuel and tire usage monitoring and projections * VR Enabled fuel and tire management and information * Fuel and tire stop automation : accurate automatically preconfigured settings * Pit Box guides : counting you down to your pit stall * Intuitive On-Demand feedack about live fuel and tire data * Out-of-car (As well as In-garage) fuel and tire calculations * Practice session fuel and tire usage data and projections

Further information is available here

Division3 - Toney

Toney, A little fun toy that does one simple task, to provide an audio tone to your ear when it’s time to upshift gears. That’s all it does, and it does it well. Taken from the world of Formula One, where drivers have an audible cue to change gears, we see no reason why you shouldn't have that too.

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Division3 - RDI

Introducing our proprietary real time race data communications technology interface; 'Race Data Interlink' (RDI).

RDI is our adaptive analytics platform for sharing real time race data across our various RDI Enabled applications so that they can leverage each other’s information, gain visibility in other areas of your race and harness a seamless network of race data whose sole task is to know you're going to make it.

Further information is available here

Division3 - RA

Race Assistant - (RDI - Team Services), is focused on you and your race strategy. 'RA' Isn't dissimilar from a driver coach or crew chief, assisting on choices on the track, increased situational awareness and knowing when to push, and when to hold back.

RDI - Team Services is an extension of the RDI platform that allows team cantered drivers to have visibility on each other’s data and collate race changing strategies from this data. Key to this feature is the RDI interface which links the various data sources from our other applications into a unified real time reference and advisory tool.

Further information is available at RDI Team Services

Division3 - SECTOR 3

SECTOR 3 - Racing Research - is our investiogation into post race analytics and feedback into improving outcomes for races.

Providng visability on race events for greater awareness to long term strategic choices, driver debreifing feedback and information.

Further information is available at RDI Team Services